Rules & Regulations-Placement-Cell

BIT Placement-Cell LogoTraining & Placement-Cell PROGRAMME 2016-2017

Campus Placement Procedure for Participating Organization/Industries

  1. The Training and Placement-Cell invites prospective organizations/industries in the months of FEB & MARCH of every Academic Calendar, along with all relevant information to participate in the campus recruitment at the University. The organizations, in turn, can also contact the University T&Placement-Cell for their requirement.
  2. The details of the respective final year students opting for placement will be sent to the company/organization concerned, as per their requirement, along with a tentative, mutually convenient date for the campus interviews.

III. The company/organization may confirm the date or discuss a mutually convenient date, with the Manager Corporate Relations-Training and Placement Cell.

  1. The organization will then interview the short listed students for final selection and will announce the results as soon as possible (preferably on the same day), once the selection process is over. Companies announcing results immediately after interviews will be preferred by the University and the students for early campus interview dates during the next academic year.


Campus Placement Policy for Students of University Campus

The placement policy guidelines are as follows:

  1. At the beginning of the academic calendar, students will be subjected to aptitude tests or counseled to chalk out their career plan- whether to pursue higher education or to seek an employment.
  1. The students who wish to apply to a particular company/organization are required to submit their willingness to the Training and Placement-Cell Office before the specified deadline.

III.  After accepting a job offer, if any student decides to withdraw his/her acceptance any time during the year, he/she must inform the company concerned through the Training and Placement Office immediately and fine will be applicable to the student who have rejected the offer after accepting.

VII.   The students selected through campus interview will complete all the necessary formalities as asked by the employer and will join the organization within stipulated time frame. He/ she will keep the T & P Cell update regarding his/ her progress in the Company.

T & Placement-Cell, in turn, will obtain regular feedback from the employer regarding the performance of selected students.

INTERNSHIP 2016-2017

Importance of Internship Program

To the employer:

  • Opportunity to select and test talented professional personnel without a permanent commitment.
  • Opportunity to preview prospective full-time employees over an extended period.
  • Opportunity to participate in the student’s career preparation.
  • Reduces temporary work overloads.

To the student:

  • Practical application of classroom studies.
  • Accumulation of professional experience in their field.
  • Help in determining general and specific career opportunities.
  • Development of maturity, professionalism, self-confidence and decision making skills.
  • Improved prospects of career employment and higher earnings potential upon graduation.
  • Earnings help defray educational expenses.
  • Develop an awareness of industrial realism.

To the faculty:

  • Establishes rapport with the business, industrial and governmental community and the public at large.
  • Enables students to gain practical experience while joining classroom theory with real world application.
  • Improves student’s academic performance in the classroom.

Rules Governing Internship:

1)            Respective department Faculty will inform the students about the Internship, and collect the names, CV’s of the students interested in participating in the Internship provided by the college.

2)            The students would be penalized for accepting and not attending or rejecting the Internship if selected.

3)            The Placement cell members will have to visit the companies to build the network and to participate in getting more companies to cater to the needs of the students in their department.

4)            Any company approached would be rooted through the Placement-Cell, to know regularly about the activities that are being initiated by all the members of the Placement Cell.



We would be initiating a trainer from the Industry who would be conducting some sessions, along with the in house soft skill training program.

A schedule for conducting the in house training program will be put up so as to engage the students regularly.