Hostel Facility


CORE – BIT RAK partnered with EDRAK Residential Halls at Ras Al Khaimah are operated by RAK Education Company (EDRAK), through its Assets Management Department (AMD).

EDRAK Residential Halls primarily accommodate students studying in different universities and a few people from other institutions. EDRAK’S regulations and guidelines will apply equally to all residents. The aim of the EDRAK Residential Halls is to provide you with a comfortable and safe living environment conducive to your academic and social aspirations.

State-of-the-art residential halls have been constructed for the student community of Ras Al Khaimah. Separate Male and Female halls are made available with a total 156 no. of rooms in both the halls. A separate Food Court building with a full-fledged kitchen, dining area has been provided in the premises of the residential halls. The Food Court building also shall house a travel agency, saloon, supermarket, conference hall and other necessary services to facilitate the residents of the residential halls.

There will be a Residential Hall Operational Committee (RHOC) to manage the Residence Halls and look into suggestions issues raised by the residents.

There would be college transportation available to and from to the college (Additional Charges) Click here ( ) for Student Residential Options and Tariffs

Click here ( ) to view the Residential Facility Options

Kindly fill in the ( Residential Enrollment Form ) by paying the respective Tariff for your choice of residence.

All fees are to be paid  ( Account Details ) directly to the Hostel authorities.

Contact EDRAK-AMD, Mr. Rajesh at  or log onto