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Applied Sciences

Dr. P.K Upadhyay Assistant Professor-Academic Coordinator

Dr. P.K Upadhyay

Qualification : Ph.D, MSC Department : Applied Sciences


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Dr. Ranjana Sharma Assistant Professor

Dr. Ranjana Sharma

Qualification : M.Phil, Ph.D Department : Applied Sciences


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Ms.Vijayalakshmi Assistant Professor


Qualification : M.Phil, MSc Department : Applied Sciences


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Architecture Department

Ar.Gayathri Viswanathan Associate Professor - Incharge

Ar.Gayathri Viswanathan

Qualification : M.Plan, B.Arch Department : Architecture


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Engineering Department

Dr.Prashanth T Assistant Professor - In-Charge

Dr.Prashanth T

Qualification : PhD, M.Tech Department : Mechanical Engineering


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Chetna Nagpal Assistant Professor

Chetna Nagpal

Qualification : M.Tech, B.Tech Department : Electrical and Electronics Engineering


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Kamran Javed Lab Instructor

Kamran Javed

Qualification : B.E. Software Engineering, CISCO / MICROSOFT Certified Trainer Department : Computer Science


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Vilas Kailas Bhosle Assistant Workshop Superintendent

Vilas Kailas Bhosle

Qualification : B.Tech, Diploma Department : Mechanical Engineering


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Jaimon Dennis Quadros Assistant Professor

Jaimon Dennis Quadros

Qualification : M.Tech, B.E Department : Mechanical Engineering


jaimon.q@biticrak.ae Read More
Dr. Abrar Ahamed Assistant Professor

Dr. Abrar Ahamed

Qualification : PhD, M.Tech Department : Mechanical Engineering


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Ani Daniel Assistant Professor

Ani Daniel

Qualification : MS, B.Tech Department : Mechanical Engineering


ani.d@biticrak.ae Read More
Siva Suryanarayana Chinthapalli Assistant Professor & Examination Coordinator

Siva Suryanarayana Chinthapalli

Qualification : M.Tech, MCA Department : Computer Science


exam@biticrak.ae Read More
Annie Threse Edwis Assistant Professor

Annie Threse Edwis

Qualification : M.E, B.E Department : Electronics & Communication Engineering


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Archana Pandita Assistant Professor

Archana Pandita

Qualification : M.Tech, B.Tech Department : Computer Science


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Management Department

Sunilkumar CT In Charge - UG Programs

Sunilkumar CT

Qualification : MBA – M.Phil – MS


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Mr.Soofi Anwar Assistant Professor - In-Charge

Mr.Soofi Anwar

Qualification : DHRM, MBA Department : Management


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avatar Assistant Professor

Anita Rani Chopra

Qualification : M.A, BE Department : Management


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Mohamed Irfan Shaikh Assistant Professor

Mohamed Irfan Shaikh

Qualification : MMS, B.E Department : Management


irfan.s@biticrak.ae Read More
Dr. Kavita Tiwari Assistant Professor

Dr. Kavita Tiwari

Qualification : Ph.D, MBA Department : Management


kavita.t@biticrak.ae Read More
Ms. Rhoda Alexander Assistant Professor

Ms. Rhoda Alexander

Qualification : PGDM/MBA, B.Tech Department : Management


rhoda.philip@biticrak.ae Read More
Mr.Nikhil Assistant Professor


Qualification : MBA, BSc Department : Management


nikhil.vp@biticrak.ae Read More


Yudhbir Singh

IBM Big Data Developer
IBM Big Data Developer

Sharoukh Mohammad

Microsoft Certified
Microsoft Certified

Kumari Mallavi

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

Shawn Fernandes

Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate
Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

Syeda Mainaaz Unnisa

IBM Big Data Developer
IBM Big Data Developer