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Disciplinary Committee Rules

February11, 2013

General Notice: All Students

All students of the college must abide by the following rules of the Disciplinary Committee, failing which the disciplinary action as mentioned below can be initiated.


  • During lectures period all students have to remain in their respective classes. 
  • Outdoor playing is allowed only in free periods. 
  • Any kind of misconduct with faculty members/staffwill be subject to severe punishment. It may lead to termination from college.
  • Smoking inside the college premises is not allowed. Monetary fine would be imposed against those found disobeying the rule.
  • Gathering and shouting in college corridor outside the lecture’s room is strictly prohibited especially when the lectures in the nearby class rooms are going on.
  • Cell phones must be in switched-off/silent modeduring lecture hours.
  • Any kind of act such as fabricating/using fake Identity Card or other credentialsof Institute’s interest is liable to be punished by the committee.
  • Carrying or consuming alcohol in the college campus would result into suspension from academics with monetary fine.
  • If any student (or a group of students) is caught or reported to be involved in verbal assaults, exchange of abusive languages, ragging, fighting with or intimidating someone will be taken very seriously and the accused may be subjected to partial suspension from the college with monetary fine. 
  • Students who do not have their exams or classes during Cycle tests are not supposed to play any of the indoor/outdoor games such as cricket, football, basketball etc. in the interval of 9:30 AM to 11 AM.  Any violation of the rule would cause to undergo monetary punishment with seizure of the playing tools. 
  • Everyone should come to college in very decent dress. Short-wears are not allowed.
  • For any kind of damage made to teaching tools e.g, Overhead projector (OHP), LCD projector lying in the classrooms or Lab equipments;the whole batch will be held responsible for the act, if you do not disclose the name(s) of actual culprit(s). The cost of the same will be recovered from all students of the batch. 

Note: The Act(s) for which penalty is not specified, would be subject to discretion of Committee members including degree of penalty.

Students please be feel-free to report your complaints to Disciplinary Committee. 

P.K. Upadhyay

Academic Coordinator


Copy to: Director; All Heads; All Notice Boards