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                   Important fees payment terms, inter alia, such as:


1.Payment of fees (tuition fees, hostel fees, transportation fees) can be made by cash / credit card / bank transfer / cheque

 2.Bank transfer details can be obtained from Accounts department.

3.Payment by cheque would be accepted subject to realization of cheque. In case of dishonour of cheque for any reason, charge will be levied

4.In case of bank transfer or direct deposit of cash / cheque in Institute’s bank account, kindly send a copy of Bank Remittance to accounts@biticrak.ae .

5.Please collect the receipt from Accounts department towards payment of any category of fees

 6.Default in payment of fees will follow the below mandatory rules:

a. Final due date for payment of fees is 10th of the respective month.

b.Fees paid beyond 10th of every month, will be liable to penalty of AED 100 (upto 25th ) and AED 500 (upto 31st Day) .

c. Students who have not paid their fees will not be permitted to write the exams.

d.If the default in payment continues beyond 30 days, the student will not be allowed to sit for lectures and reinstatement will be at discretion of Management

e. The payment by PDCs would be acceptable at discretion of Management

 7.As already informed, all local students have to be compulsorily covered for accident Insurance. All Overseas students have to be compulsorily covered for health insurance  in addition to accident insurance.