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Accounting Programs

Due to the immense growth in the complexity of business and economic activity, the Bachelor of Commerce (B.COM) program is a highly sought-after degree in the Faculty of Management. The B.COM/B.COM (Hons) at BIT-RAK offers myriad choices including accounting, finance, banking, costing, auditing, taxation, and management. The B.COM graduates are known for their fundamental understanding of business issues and processes, problem-solving, and leadership skills.

Keeping in view the global business market, BIT has designed a distinctive B.COM& B.COM (Hons) program which are the only such programs offered in the region:

B.COM(Hons) + ACCA awards you with a dual qualification – B.COM(Hons) + The Certification from Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.  BITRAK students can avail 8 exemptions out of the 14 required.

B.COM + CIMA awards you with a dual qualification – B.COM + Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting from Chartered Institute of Management Accountants. Students can avail exemptions on 9 papers of CIMA out of the 15 required.

The Diploma in Engineering is part of a new suite of qualifications and sits alongside the traditional education pathways of GCSEs and A Levels. It offers students an alternative route of study, blending classroom-based learning with work-related practical experience, allowing students to keep their options open.

The program aims to provide students with a sound knowledge of basic engineering, scientific, computing, and mathematical technique and the ability to apply basic problem solving techniques with the aptitude to communicate effectively in English in one of the following fields:

Engineering is the creative application of scientific, economic, social, and practical knowledge in order to design and also build structures, machines, devices, systems, materials and processes.

The engineering program at Birla Institute of Technology, ranked 2nd among private engineering colleges in India, has been created with the objective to inculcate state of the art technical knowledge in students and prepare them for major research and innovation. Also, the program aids students to take up various competitive assignments in the industry and develop entrepreneurial abilities.

The management programs basically provide structural insights into theoretical and practical dimensions of business management. The management programs offered at both undergraduate and post graduate level focus on developing the student’s managerial skills and competencies. It will also help students to explore their entrepreneurial abilities.

Pursuing management programs offers students opportunity to work in a range of areas, including but not limited to finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, operations and technology management. Management programs offered at BIT-RAK are designed to cater to the requirements of modern business world and the students have an opportunity to specialize in Finance, Marketing, HR, Operations and IT.

Management programs are delivered through highly interactive lecture sessions by the experienced faculty from industry and academia. Activity based learning like case study, role plays, workshops and industrial visits are a part of the teaching pedagogy.

Professional Programs

The Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) is the leading global body for professional accountants offering world-class finance and accountancy qualifications.

ACCA delivers the accounting and finance knowledge, skills and professional values needed by all organizations -regardless of business sector or country borders.


ACCA Qualification is designed to be the finance qualification for employers in all sectors and of all sizes. ACCA accountants in the corporate and public sectors transform the finance capabilities of their organizations through their in depth skills in finance strategy, business analysis, investment appraisal, cost control, financial management, performance management, risk management and financial reporting. In public practice, ACCA accountants play a critical role in advising businesses through their deep skills and knowledge in corporate and business law, taxation and audit and assurance.

ACCA Qualification provides a framework of leading-edge examinations, practical experience requirements and ethical development to help you achieve the breadth and depth of skills you require in a finance team. The ACCA Qualification is set to one global or national focus for some papers, and the opportunity for specialism in the later stages.


B.COM+ is a unique package offered at BIT Offshore Campus RAK.

ACCA along with our regular B.Com program will enable you to avail maximum exemption from ACCA course works ( exemptions awarded for B.Com subjects) and have TRIPLE QUALIFICATIONS along the way;

  • B.Com full time degree from BIT Ranchi India (Top Ranked Indian Degree)
  • BSc (Hons) degree in Applied Accounting awarded by Oxford Brookes University
  • ACCA Qualification and membership



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IBM Big Data Developer

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Microsoft Certified

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Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate

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